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High Precision Cold Bending Forming Series


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product details
1 Forming Technology
Unwinding leveling pinching, punching shaping sizing, cutting feeding
2 Equipment Performance
2.1 Various specifications of cable bridge and other structural products with strip width of 100 mm < 860 mm can be rolled according to production requirements.
2.2 On-line punching speed: 2.5-5 m/min.
2.3 Continuous forming speed of forming equipment: 10-15 m/min.
2.4 plate thickness: 1-2.0 mm.
2.5 Material requirements: Q235 cold rolled sheet.
2.6 The production line is divided into automatic and manual operation modes, which can realize linkage and sectional operation.
3. Equipment structure is the main component of equipment.
The whole set of equipment consists of uncoiler, ML-900 leveler, JF21-200B punch, punch die, servo feeding device, guide frame, main forming machine, tracking and cutting, length fixing device, feeder and electrical control.
4 Main technical parameters of each component
4.1 Power Decoiler
Material width: 900mm
Material weight: 10000kg
Material inner diameter: 460-510mm
Material Outer Diameter: 1200mm
Driving power: motor and reducer integration, 4KW variable frequency motor
Structural type: Cantilever boom support type, tail manual operation, pneumatic pressure arm.
4.2 leveller
Number of working rollers: 11 rollers, top 4 rollers and bottom 5 rollers, and the other 2 rollers are pinch rollers.
Leveling range: material thickness 1-1.5mm, plate width 100-1200mm
Driving power: 5.5 kW variable frequency motor
Reducer model: ZQ350
Leveling speed: 3-10 m/min
One pair of upper and lower reinforcing brackets
4.3 Continuous Punching Die
Number of moulds: 2 sets
Die Material: Cr12 Quenching
4.4 Servo Feeding Device
Servo motor power: 4 kW
Multi-stage feeding, memory 10 sets of memory function
Using Mitsubishi Servo Motor
4.5 guide frame
It consists of a pair of horizontal rollers and two pairs of opposite guide rollers, totally 2 sets.
4.6 Forming Host
Machine model: GY160 (wide)
Frame structure: gantry archway
Forming passes: 17 passes (rolls)
Formed Varieties: Bridge Frame, Cover Plate
Larger feed width: 860mm
Larger material thickness: <2.0mm
Forming width: 100-600 mm
Molding height: 25-110 mm
Roll Shaft Diameter: 85 mm
Roll die material: Gcr15, quenching treatment, HRC58-62 degrees
Drive type: 22 kW variable frequency motor, ZQ400 main reducer, independently distributed gear box.
4.7 Hydraulic Cut-off
Hydraulic pump station: 5.5kW blade cut off, blade material Cr15, quenching treatment.
4.8 Electrical Control
4.8.1 Main Operating Control Cabinet
Quantity: 1 set of frequency converter: 3 sets (in main control cabinet, control uncoiler, leveler and forming machine)
PLC Controller: 1 Set
8-inch LCD Touch Screen
All electrical components are original Mitsubishi brand
4.8.2 Auxiliary Control Cabinet
Quantity: 3 sets (with uncoiler, leveler, forming machine)
Control mode: manual operation
5 Production Conditions
Installation capacity: about 94 kw
Gas source: 0.9 cubic meters per minute, 0.6-0.7 MPa
Production land area: 33 m long * 3 m wide
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